Change log


  • New 3D model added: 3D Primitives: Prism. The number of faces is configurable. For example, you can make a hexagonal box.
  • Added a new tool Batch Processing. Using it, you can process all projects in a folder with a couple of clicks or apply different covers to one project (for example, for a book catalog).
  • Textures of up to 8192 x 8192 pixels are supported. Useful for creating images for printing.
  • Added new option Center of the scene in the center ... for Save Image and Save Animation dialogs. With it, you can save an image in which the book or box will be in the center, regardless of the shadow (without additional padding settings).
  • Added new parameters and fixed some bugs in Command line.
  • You can now change the Background color of the preview pane if a transparent background is selected in the project.
  • Added Texture menu to the main menu.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.


  • Added Undo/Redo functionality.
  • Added support for One PNG + JavaScript and Multiple PNG + JavaScript formats for animation for use on websites.
  • Several bugs fixed.


  • New 3D models added: Plastic card: Long hole Horizontal, Plastic card: Long hole Vertical, Plastic card: Round hole.
  • Added a new tool: Recommended Texture Sizes.
  • Any texture with effects applied to it can now be saved to an image file.
  • The Gradient dialog now has the option to save the gradient as an image.
  • Changes in some settings are now remembered and used as default values when the program starts (for example, Background color).
  • Improved installer: the ability to select the installation for the current user only, or for all users, has been added.
  • Few minor interface improvements.
  • Several bugs fixed.


  • Added a new 3D model: Rounded box.
  • Replaced the rendering library.
  • Rendering speed is now 2x faster in simple cases and up to 15x faster when using a transparent backgrounds, depth of field, etc.
  • Textures of up to 4096 x 4096 pixels are supported.
  • Plastic card model: the Corner radius parameter was added.
  • Business card model: the Corner radius parameter was added.
  • Brochure: Accordion fold model: the Pages parameter was added.
  • Disk texture was improved: an option with an inner label radius of 23 mm was added for all disks.
  • Improved detailing for 3D fonts.
  • Fixed a bug in loading the color profile that sometimes caused the image to not load.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.


  • Added a new 3D model: Postcard.
  • Added new gradient parameters: Steps, Hue noise, Lightness noise.
  • Fixed a bug in loading the color profile that sometimes caused the image to not load.
  • Fixed bugs in batch mode and saving animations.


  • Added support for color profiles for TIFF and JPEG in CMYK mode.
  • A Gradient can now be set as a texture.
  • Improved color picker: added Eyedropper tool, color editing in HEX format.
  • Few minor interface improvements.
  • Fixed a variety of small bugs.


  • Added support for Asian languages for 3D text (Japanese, Chinese, Korean).
  • Added Minimal White and Minimal Dark styles for devices.
  • Added a status bar in the internal image viewer.
  • Added Japanese, Hungarian, Slovenian languages.
  • Fixed several bugs.


  • Added a new 3D model: 3D text.
  • Added support for WebP format for images.
  • Added support for WebP and APNG formats for animation.
  • Depth of field preview added.
  • View menu and additional view modes for Objects and Models added.
  • Command Open Last Saved... added. Allows you to view the last saved image or animation.
  • Image format options added in the Save Image dialog.
  • Option Open after rendering added in the Save Image dialog.
  • Option Open in default app added in the Save Animation dialog.
  • Few minor interface improvements.
  • Fixed a variety of small bugs.


  • New 3D mockups added: Business card, Flyer, Brochure: Accordion fold.
  • Sizes can now be specified in mm/in; standard sizes for different models (Business card, DVD box and other) have been added and moved to the Model tab.
  • Scale settings have been added to the Transformation tab.
  • Added soft/multiple shadow types and new shadow parameters: Light width and Light height.
  • Automatic color can be selected for an individual side.
  • Improved Plastic card mockup.
  • Improved Brochure mockup (renamed Booklet), lighting fixed, Half fold orientation changed.
  • The Fit to Side Images button now works properly for Curved screenshot.
  • Changed the initial size of Box.
  • Changed the initial shadow settings.
  • Few minor interface improvements.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.


  • Added a new 3D mockup: Booklet.
  • You can now choose not only an image, but also just a color as a texture.
  • Added support for the TIFF format for textures.
  • The Thumbnails view mode has been added for the list of textures.
  • Improved the display of file names and tooltips in the Details mode.
  • Few minor interface improvements.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.


  • We are now offering a subscription purchase option. Whether you use the program often or you need it only for a one-time project, this will allow you to have the current version and save money.
  • Now when you right-click on the texture list, you will get the menu for working with textures. Double-click - browse.
  • Textures cab be transformed. They can be cropped, rotated and flipped.
  • The texture selection menu now includes recent images and recent folders.
  • Save Image: When you save a custom-size image while preserving the proportions, the main size (width or height) is also saved.
  • Save Image: Now size include paddings.
  • CMYK JPEG support added.
  • Command-line parameters changed.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.


  • New 3D mockups added: iPad Pro 2018, Softcover book.
  • Added new templates for DVD, Book, iPad Pro, and scenes with mixed objects.
  • Standard sizes for Book changed.
  • The Fit to Side Images button works properly now.
  • Splash screen added.
  • Few minor interface improvements.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.


  • Render time for complex models reduced by 15-20%.
  • Models' real dimensions are now factored in when they are displayed.
  • 3D primitives added (Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid, Cube).
  • Models Disc, Screenshot now use two side images.
  • Screenshot now have a thickness.
  • Curved screenshot settings changed.
  • Added ability to change the order of objects, rename objects.
  • Added menu Object (main and context).
  • Some similar models have been combined into a single model with options (laptop/laptop 90°, box with disc right/left and etc.).
  • The list of models with options can be expanded/collapsed.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

5.5.2 / 5.5.1

  • Few minor improvements.
  • Fix saving large images and animations.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.


  • Added a new 3D mockup: iPhone X.
  • Dramatically improved DVD box and Book models.
  • Added new disc settings (DVD, CD, Blu-ray, possibility to add a custom semi-transparent image).
  • Added new templates for DVD box, Book, and scenes with several objects.
  • The settings for dimensions, position, rotation objects are moved to the Transformation tab.
  • Depth of field added.
  • Reflection blur added.
  • High DPI support added (per monitor).
  • New command-line parameters (image size) added.
  • Memory usage optimized.
  • Draft render faster.
  • Render progress bar on the taskbar button added.
  • Added history to the color control.
  • The custom colors in the Color dialog are saved.
  • Changed the initial camera/lighting settings.


  • Added a possibility to compose a scene from several objects.
  • The Camera and Position tab allows you to move and rotate each object.
  • Changed the initial camera and lighting settings, some presets and New Wizard templates.
  • Check for Updates feature added.
  • You can use the drag-and-drop method to open a project file.
  • Options menu added.
  • Translations updated.
  • Fixed a variety of small bugs.


  • Orthographic projection added.
  • New 3D mockups added: Laptop, iMac, Display.
  • Few mockups improved.
  • Few minor improvements.
  • Linux Wine tested.


  • New 3D models added: iPhone 6s, Nexus 9, Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Few minor improvements.
  • Several bugs fixed.


  • Some mockups improved.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.


  • New 3D models added: iPhone 5s/5c, iPad 2/3/4, iPad with Cover, Blu-ray box.
  • Interface improved.
  • Several bugs fixed.


  • New 3D models added: Monitor, TV.
  • Interface improved.
  • Several bugs fixed.


  • Command line/batch mode added.
  • You can save animation now (SWF, GIF and AVI formats).
  • Memory usage optimized.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

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