Saving image

  1. Select the Save Image... item on the File menu or click on the Save Image... button on the toolbar. To save text image with the keyboard, simply press F5 on your keyboard and follow these instructions.

  2. In the Save Image window that appears, set the image dimensions. To set the default image size defined in the project settings, select the As visible in the preview pane option in the Image size group. To set custom image size, select the Custom size option. For the custom size option: click on the Width box and enter the image width in pixels, then click on the Height box and enter the image height in pixels. To preserve the image proportion, check the box by the Keep proportion option.

  3. In the Image margin group, click on the margin boxes and enter the desired top, right, bottom, and left margin values in pixels.

  4. In the Image file group, select the image format and then click on the file box and enter the image name with the full path or click on the Browse... button and select the image in the Set Image File Name window that appears.

  5. Click Save to complete or click Cancel to cancel and return to the program.

If the file you are attempting to save your image to already exists, the program will ask whether you want to overwrite it. To preserve the existing file, click No and save the image under a different name.

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